miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Agathocles & Kingterror - Split - 2010

01. Hypocrital Aid
02. No Importance
03. Blue Jokes
04. News Off/On
05. Distorted Portraits
06. Blow Their Fucking Ears
07. Financial Cris-Ass
08. Computerized Slavery
09. Fashion Victim
10. This Genocide Is Yours
11. The Truth About Black Metal: Grind Re-Mix
12. Macho Man
13. Voice Your Fucking Opinion
14. Some People Are Gay
15. What Will You Do?!?
16. We Have Records And Shirts In The Back
17. Kingterror Anthem: Grind Re-Mix
18. War Is Shit And We Love Crusties
19. I Am Not A Racist, But...
20. Your System Sucks


Grindcore From Belgium.
"YO AMO LOS SPLIT" Te Trae Otra Entrega Destructiva
De Esta Garn banda Belga Agathocles.

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