sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Blood Soaked, Shit Spattered Cyber Gang Bang - 2011

Anal Bag:
01- Erotic Fantasy with Skrewdriver
02- Fetus
03- Shotgun
04- Necro Twat
05- Cock Covered with Diarrhea
Cannibal Feast:
06- Axe To The Face
07- Charlie On The Loose
08- Chopping Block
09- Hatchet Penetration
10- Head On A Stick (Instrumental)
11- Severed and Taken
12- Forever Young
13- Chewing through the Diaper
14- Cast in Concrete
15- No Means Rape'em
16- 5 point 7
17- Bull Shit Constantly
18- My Grind Goddess
19- Feet Fuck Race
20- Cracked Skull
Menstrual Tuberculosis:
21- Liquefactive Necrosis
22- Testicular Atrophy
23- Hemopneumothorax
24- Marching for genocide
25- 5–6 days The abdomen swells with gas
Penile Dementia:
26- Hearing Voices
27- Whole Lotta Noise
28- Synonyms For Masturbation
29- The Incredible Rectoscopy Man
30- Random Noises
31- The Vagina
32- Die
33- Let's Fist Again
34- A Sudden Urge To Kill
35- Let's Fucking Dance - Starship Rectoscope
Putrefaction Pestilence:
36- Autodigested Bowels Mucosa By Ferments Festering Tumours Of Cancerous Decay Ft LeoPussyLicker
37 - Epithelial Cell Secretions From The Human Female Reproductive Tract Inhibit Sexually Transmitted Pathogens And Candida Alb
38- Idiopathic Gangrene Of The Penis Complicating Scabies
39- Rapid Induction Of Colon Carcinogenesis


Cyber/Pornogrind/Goregrind/Brutal Death Metal
From Bulgaria/Canada/Finlandia/USA.
Siii El Primer Trabajo de este Año En Esta Seccion
Que Se Ha Transformado En Un Clasico !!!

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