jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

Meatus - The Triumphal Chariot Of Antimony - 2012

01. Gross Saltiness of the Meat
02. Dismemberment and Re-composition of Important Corpses
03. Agents of Scurvy
04. Belly's Horns Above His Pudenda
05. Leather Prosthetics
06. Human Mummy Confection
07. Fattening of the Church Yard
08. Bite of the Pig
09. Noble Anatomical Experiment of Injecting Liqour into the Veins of Animals
10. Uropathic Teeth Whitening of The Renaissance Man
11. Shepherd of the Anus
12. Urine of a Cabbage Eater
13. Caul Amulet
14. The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony
15. Hog Manure Fried with Lard and Turpentine
16. Brimming with Catholicon
17. Viscera Removal in the House of Beauty
18. Swollen Carnage of the Careless Embalmer
19. Sweet Phlegm
20. Volunteer Corpses
21. Elixir of Virtiol
22. Feces Applied to Sores
23. Fatal Self Experimentation
24. Inspector of Liquids
25. Undertaking of the Bandagers
26. Glorious Array of Canopic Jars and Dessicated Organs
27. Horror at Dissection Originates in Ignorance
28. Unpredictable Nostrum
29. Cavity Stuffed With Spices


Grindcore/Goregrind from Canada.
Arrrghhh que banda un sonido sucio , brutal, sin duda
un muy buen material, lo recomiendo.

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