sábado, 3 de julio de 2010

Pain Penitentiary - Organ Grinder - Suffer The Torture - Dismembered And Burnt - Split - 2010

Pain Penitentiary
01.Drilled, Sliced, Fucked And Choked

02.Mangled Corpse

03.Of Frail Limbs And Decay

04.Suffer The Torture

05.Revenge Served As Butchery

06.Rotten Corpse Fixation

07.To Excel Of Delivering Pain
Organ Grinder
08.Choking On Broken Glass

09.Hacksaw Decapitation

10.Tortured, Humiliated And Murdered

11.Wrist Deep In An Open Chest

12.Dismembered And Burnt


Death Metal/Grindcore From UK.
En La Clasica Seccion De Este Humilde y
Perverso Blog "YO AMO LOS SPLIT",
Dejo Dos Bandas Totalmente Par Oidos

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