viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

DPOS - Straight Outta Handicap Shithouse - 2010

1. For the Next 35:49 Minutes, You Will Be Musically Raped
2. Rape You With a Spiderman Mask On
3. Rub My Dick in Broken Glass
4. Rapist of the Year
5. I'm in Every Horror Movie
6. These Warts Don't Co-Operate
7. Ja de Va Jevla (Skrotum Hell Cover)
8. Transexual Tea Party
9. Urin Uniform
10. It's Molesting Time
11. Clitorism of a Cockroasted Fuckdoll
12. Nattefrost - Founder of Christianity
13. Carrot Rabbit Dildo Fuck
14. Jesus Was An Angry Duck
15. This Song Was Too Brutal to Be Named
16. Elvis Played Some Brutal Gore Metal Shit!!!
17. Coprophagic Desires
18. Pissing On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan Remake)
19. Fatal Faeces Fuck
20. Devourment Ain't Brutal Enough
21. This Song Was Too Brutal to Be Named (Live)
22. Slaughterhouse (Mortician Cover) (Live)
23. Transexual Tea Party (Live)
24. Pissing On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan Remake) (Live)
25. If You Don't Like Metallica... (Live)


Goregrind Desde Sweden, Este Material Tiene Todo
La sabrosura De este estilo Guitarras Melosas Y Voces
Marranas Un Material Recomendable Para Los Fans
De este Incomprendido Estilacho.

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