martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

The Decapitated Midgets - 30 Ways To Die - 2009

01-Maggots Devouring Your Innards
02-Compressive Asphyxia
03-Lethal Liver Failure
04-Splattered In A Car Crash
05-Pathologist Slices Your Festering Corpse During Your Very Own Autopsy
06-Explosive Menstruation
07-Boiled Alive In Your Own Piss
08-Brainburger With Slashed Fingers
09-Kidney Tumour, Bloody Piss And Death
10-Kidnapped, Killed, Gutted And Cooked
11-Executed In The Electric Chair... The Smell Of Flesh
12-Fermented Bile Cocktail
13-Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
14-Unexpected Brain Haemorrhage
15-Seven Days
16-Slowly Sliced With A Dull Blad
17-Dramatic Decapitation And Gore Shower
18-Malignant Neoplasm
19-Forced Giblet Gurgling
20-Bloody Rectum - Bloody Diorrhea
21-Human Haggis
22-Human Head On A Cannibal's Plate
23-Cannibalized In A Big City
24-Gore-Tex Killer
25-Guts In Tea
26-Mutilated In The Toilet
27-Hang Himself With His Own Vein
28-Blowing Implants
29-Eaten Alive By The Rats In The Sewers
30-Fallen From The 34th Floor, Splattered To The Ground


Arrrrgghhhhh Segundo Trabajo Ke Publiko de Estos
Finlandeses Del Brutal Death Grind Si El Primer
Trabajo Te Gusto, EsteTe Secara Los Sesos ,
Aplastara Tu Cabeza Sin Piedad!!!
Altamenete Recomendado 7 Dildos Para Este Disco!!!

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