lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

Daath - The Concealers - 2009

01. Sharpen the Blades
02. Self-Corruption Manifesto
03. The Worthless
04. The Unbinding Truth
05. Slienced
06. Waiting on the Vine
07. Translucent Potency
08. Day of Endless Light
09. Duststorm
10. ...Of Poisoned Sorrows
11. Incestuous Amplification


Tercer Disco de esta Banda Industrial Death metal (USA).
Muy Buen Disco.
Si No Has Escuchado esta banda ahora es la Oportunidad!!!
Ahi Les dejo el Line Up:

Eyal Levi - Guitar, Synth
Emil Werstler - Guitar
Jeremy Creamer - Bass
Kevin Talley - Drums (Soils of Fate, Misery Index, Decrepit Birth, The Red Chord, Dying Fetus, M.O.D., Chimaira, Dark Days, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, All The Way To The Bank, Nothnegal)
Sean Z - Vocals

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