jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Lucifer D. Larynx And The Satanic Grind Dogs Of Death - Absolute Defilement - 2012

01. Night Of The Living Fucking Dead
02. Cut, Rolled And Smoked
03. Dripping Existence
04. Kill! Kill! Kill!
05. Slave To The Bowels Of Evil
06. Brown Metal
07. Absolute Defilement
08. Satanic Zombie Apocalypse
09. Repulsive Impulse
10. Beyond Fucking Infernal
11. Preschool Playground Massacre
12. Fuck Me Straight To Hell
13. Insatanity
14. Razor Wire Catheter
15. Anthropophagus
16. Discharging The Priest
17. Corpse Fucking Metal
18. Acts Of Sadism
19. Unholy Primate Lust
20. Into The Deep Freeze


Grindcore From USA.
un excelente album debut de esta blasfema y
violenta banda, a la vena ajaja

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