miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Drain Of Impurity - Human Anatomy - 2011

01. Neuropathology
02. Complex Spine Surgery
03. Psychological Autopsy
04. The Rate Of Body Decay Via Insects
05. The Identification Of Remains
06. Extreme Morbid Deviance
07. Mentally Deficient Overrated Humanity
08. Obscure Alien Lobotomy
09. Open All Organs And Examine Them Carefully
10. Sew Up The Body
11. Portion Of The Gastric Contents
12. Exploring The Bile Ducts


Brutal Death Metal From Turkey.
Album Debut De esta banda De un Solo Hombre
Batu Cetin (Cenotaph (Tur))
Full-length debut release of one-man project leaded by Batu Cetin (Cenotaph (Tur))

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