sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2010

Krupakaya & Kill a Celebrity - Split - 2010

01. Wreaths of Smoke Beneath the Silent Blue Sky
02. Those Still Undestroyed
03. Step Forth Onto the Land of Freedom
04. Cast to the Lubyanka Furnace
05. To Die Unburied and Unborn
06. A Spring That Was Not for Us
07. Silent Hunger in the Trees of Nazino
08. Lives Disolved to the Abyss of Oblivion
09. The Law is a Child and Our Creator
10. Rebirth Island
11. The Mines of Butugychag
12. Man is Wolf to Man
13. Norilsk is the World II
Kill a Celebrity:
14. Hyper-Violent Pornography
15. Grind of the Everyday
16. Genocidal Superstar
17. Global Terrorist Cheer Squad
18. A Cancer with Eyes
19. You're a Disease
20. Subsidizing Armageddon
21. Hell is Other People
22. Dying for Meth
23. The God Delusion


Powerviolence / Chaotic Hardcore | Powerviolence
/ Grindcore From United Kingdom/Austria.
En Los Ultimos Dias De Este Año La Famosa Seccion
"YO AMO LOS SPLIT", Dejo Estas Dos Expectaculares

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