jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Bastard Saints - Inhale The Futuristic Filthness- Best of/Compilation - 2010

01.Roberto Savi: Il Monaco

02.Pilastro's Slaughter

03.The Other Policemen

04.Fabio Savi: Il Rambo

05.Friend Or Foe (Agnostic Front Cover)

06.13 Stabwounds

07.Apocalyptic Devastation (Mortician Cover)

08.Devour The Child

09.Fed Up Of Ignorance

10.Disinfect With Terrorism04:22
11.Jesus Chew Angel's Tongue04:00
12.Inhale The Futuristic Filthness

13.No Morality

14.Sick Man Sperm's Crawls On Holy Virgin Tear's Stained Face

15.Tear Up My Brain And Stab It

16.Intro/Hangeds Blessed Masturbation


18.Christ's Fetus Is Dead Inside


Grindcore From Italy.
Compilacion de Demos & Splits a Lo
Largo De Su Carrera.

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