lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Penis Amputator - Tortoise Mayhem - 2010

01.Penis In Shit
03.Liver,You Bitch
05.Tortoise Mayhem
06.Epic Urine Splash
09.Fringe Is Gay
10.My Sister Is A Hipster
11.Legalization Of Male Prostitution
12.We Come To Eat You (Satan's Revenge On Mankind cover)
13.17 - 25
14.War (Burzum cover)
15.USB Dildo Overfuck (Kolya Freak)
16.Traveling On Dogs
17.Zombie (The Cranberies cover)
18.Dark Gloomy Cold Norwegian Forest Where I Had To Pee
19.In The End Of Melody Is Coming (Outro)


Pornogrind from Russia.
Este es Otro Hacierto de Verdadero Blog Favorito.
Muy Buen Disco, Para Mover El Culito.

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