miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Malignant Germ Infestation - Fields Of Forever Lasting Love And Joy - 2010

02-Harpoon The Baboon
03-Fecal Matter Splatter
05-Once The Scorpion Was Inserted Into The Anus
06-Political Pussies
07-Zombies On The Horizon
08-Get Down And Drown In My Jizz You Pathetic Emo Bitch
09-Drowned In Dick At The Downs Syndrome Special Convention
10-Brotherly Fucking Love
11-Cravings To Kill
12-Death Erotica
13-Fleshless Face
14-Maggot Dreams
15-Masochistic Monster Momma
16-Tight Teen Pussy Pounding
17-Atwa (System Of A Down cover)
18-Daddy Wears Diapers (The Adult Baby Experience)
19-Night Of The Dancing Dead
20-At Your Service In Your Cervix
21-Everything Lays Decayed (Outro)


Goregrind From USA.
Seeee Un Buen Disco Con Todo el Vomitivo Gore,
Bajenlo y Destrozen Su Mente.

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