domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Intestinal Disgorge VS RxAxPxE - Anti-Female Orchestra - 2009

Intestinal Disgorge:
01.Mildew and Maggots

02.All Night Killing Spree

03.Sizzling Bitch Meat

04.Post Mortal Self Digestion

05.Rape Fantasies

06.Keep Your Distance Bitch

07.Improv Shit Theatre

08.A Butchered Human Carcass

09.Kill Yourself Bitch

10.Unspeakable Crimes

11.Watching You Undress

12.I Will Find You Bitch

13.Flash Fried Bitch Giblets


15.Dismembered in the Bath Tub

16.Buried Under My House

17.Splattered Remants


19.Gangrene Infestation
RxAxPxE :
20.Be Quiet, You Wake the Neighbours (You Stupid Bitch)

21.Gagball Symphony

22.Exploding Juice Cancerous Guts (Intestinal Disgorge cover)

23.Get Your Plastic Surgery, Bitch!

24.Paranoia Is Fucking Me Up

25.Rape (feat. Oral Defecation)

26.Not Provocation. Hate!

27.Dumb Cunt (Epic Discrimination)


Noisegrind/Cybergoregrind USA/Germany.
En Esta Seccion "YO AMO LOS SPLIT".
Publico Este Trabajo Destructor De La Musica.
Solo Para Oidos Cacofonicos.

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