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Smallpox Aroma & Phlegm Thrower - SplitCD - 2009

Smallpox Aroma:
01-New Copropathological Theory Discovered - Postmortal Scoracratia
02-Involvement Of Poisonous Coprophagia Causes Severe Gastric Perforation
03-Embalmed In Saprogenous Rheum
04-The Pulpy Fat From Abdominocentesis Satisfying The Pathologist's Thirst
05-Zymophytefilled Abysmal Mortuary
06-Nephrostomy That Found The Untreatable Nephropyosis - Deep In The Yellow Creamy Nephric Tissue
07-Omphlorrhea - Natural Lymphatic Extraction Of The Body
08-The Scythe Panhysterosalpingo-Oophorectomy
09-The Graceful Occurrence Of Widespread Monstriparity
10-Molecular-Pathological Lochial Pus Identification
11-Insalubrious Pus Bonum Et Laudabile
12-Carbonized Cervical Vertebrae
13-The Abnormal Conversion Of Fibrinogen By The Unimmunization Of The Enzyme Thrombin
14-A Digested Perocephalus Is Found During The Hystereurysis
15-Pathologically Gased With Pyopneumopericardium
Phlegm Thrower:
16-Sessame Tits
17-Hinubog Sa Tuter
18-Atsay Killer
19-Supot Pala Si Playboy
20-Hiyas Ni Ate Liwanag
21-Pabango Ng Malanding Singet
22-Juan Tamod
23-Kalabit Pundasyon


Goregrind From Tailandia/ Filipinas.
"YO AMO LOS SPLIT" Te Ent6rega Este Enfermo
Trabajo, bajalo y Disfrutalo...

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