miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Gore Sanctum - Realms Of Devastation - 2010

01.Descending Into The abysmal Void

02.Spawn of Endless Suffering

03.Copious Fluid Emission

04.Fortifications of Decayed Remains

05.Realms of Devastation

06.Convulsions Beneath a Sea of Innards

07.Untimely Asphyxiation

08.Crypts of Obscure Pestilence

09.Immaculate Decapitation

10.Unrelenting Defiance

11.Spleen Ingurgitation

12.Perished Dimentions

13.Enthroned Entombment

14.Goring Endless Abominations

15.Forgotten Incantations of Eternal Blistered Flesh

16.Severed Torsos (bonus track)


Brutal Death Metal from U.K.
Para Destapar Tus Sesos!!!!

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