martes, 13 de abril de 2010

Mesrine-Obsessive Compulsive - 2010

01.Obsessive Compulsive02:05
02.Underground Terror01:06
03.Adam J. Morris00:49
04.Charles Sobhraj00:15
05.Abdel Nasser Ibrahim Mahmoud00:29
06.By My Hands01:19
07.Leonard Lake00:21
09.The Perfect Prey00:56
10.Dirty Christ00:51
11.Gilles Pimparé01:24
12.Jacques Duchesne01:10
13.Camille Noël00:40
14.Richard Christian Hansen01:19
15.Zero Telerance00:50
16.George Vera01:14
17.Guy Georges00:51
18.Richard Barnabé00:50
19.Moose II00:12
21.Someone Else Living Your Life00:43
22.Turn Away And Face The End01:00
23.Can't Repair01:07
24.Shortest Life01:19
25.Bai Baoshan00:36
26.Obscene Sounds00:26
27.Parasitic Mental Infection00:50
28.Tim Kretschmer00:44
29.Guilty Of Being There01:33
31.Somewhere, Anywhere01:34
32.Something's Wrong00:54
33.Sipho Mandla Agmatir Thwala00:05
34.Wrong Headed00:29
35.Empty World00:26
36....To The Death01:10
37.Collective Paranoia00:44
38.Charles Chi-Tat Ng01:12
39.Clifford Orgy II00:27
40.Ahmad Suradji02:18


Grindcore From Canada.
Con Una Carrera Desde El '98 Esta Banda
Con ya 4 Albumes y Un Monton De Splits
Saben Azotar Tu Craneo Con Un Extremo

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