jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Ovaryrot - Licentious Hysterectomy - 2010

01.Defiled, degraded and cremated after being stripped of purity
02.Forced oral sex on a spinal cord
03.Slitting the skin until the embryo is unveiled
04.Face smashed in by a cinderblock
05.Replacing the eyes with mangled chunks of intestine
06.Stabbed repeatedly with a rusted knife purified by piss and stomach acid
07.A massive vat filled with liquified stomach tissue
08.Vermin crawling beneath the skin, scraping the meat
09.Mastication of severed breast tissue
10.Biting the vaginal cysts encoating the cervix
11.Sucking a mixture of blood, piss and sperm from the oral cavity of a rotting deer
12.Ejaculating a cock severed by hacksaw into the mouth of a small child
13.Stabbed to death and raped against a tree trunk with a pitchfork
14.Face melted from excessive coverage of acidic sperm
15.A pick axe covered in mestruous fluids
16.Mastrubating with a worminfested jawbone
17.Disfiguring the ass by jamming meathooks through the rectum and ripping through the meat
18.Breaking teeth while attempting to chew skullmatter
19.To slumber in the matted and bloodstained skin of deceased mother
20.Relaxing to the shrieks of maggots as I drown them with my semen


Brutal Death Metal / Goregrind From USA/Sweden.
Banda a Medias De Dos Insanos Dementes...
Brady - Guitar, Vocals
Ulf - Drums Quien es Vocals De la Banda Sueca

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