lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Super Fun Happy Slide - The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario - 2009

01. It's A Fast One
02. It's Not Taboo If It Happens To You
03. Thrashed Out Gash
04. Designer Rock Can Suck My Cock
05. Regurgitation Of Giblet-Like Chunks Of Pathologically Perverse Gore
06. De-Virginiser
07. Bohemian Sodomy
08. Hot Dog Down A Hallway
09. Let's Thrash Metal
10. Fuck... I Just Copped A Beer Glass To My Head!!
11. Gastrological Ventriliquist
12. Revenge Of The Afterstench
13. Retreat To Nowhere (Napalm Death Cover)
14. I Can't Believe It's Not Carcass
15. Placenta On The Dancefloor
16. Undislodgable Nugget Scenario
17. Napalm Shower18. Superfunhappysong
19. The Day Everything Became Something


Estas Son Las Bandas Ke Valen La Pena
Escuchar, Grindcore From Australia!!!
Baja y Disfruta De Estos Sonidos Del Grindcore!!!

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