jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Mutually Assured Destruction - Nuclear Winter - 2009

01.Nuclear Winter
02.All I Want For Christmas Is The Swine Flu
03.Do The Twist Bitch!
04.Eat The Kuri
05.All Women Deserve To Be Beaten
06.Fuck Anal Cunt
07.Sunday Morning Ritual
08.Techno Sucks
09.And Now A Message From Our Sponsors
10.The Principles And Practices Of M.A.D.
11.Border Jumper
12.The Meanest Statement
13.U2 Sucks
14.I Hate People
15.Fuck You Wigger
16.The Holocaust Was Reslly Funny


Grindcore En Toda Su Expresion
From U.S.A.

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