miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

Haemophagus - Slaves To The Necromancer - 2009

01.La Garrucha (intro)

02.Slaves to the Necromancer

03.Remember to Dismember

04.The Mark of Madness

05.Sniffing the Cremated Rests

06.Red Diabolical Eyes

07.Goddess of Malice


09.Traumatic Defecation of Pus

10.Witches' Doom

11.Dead Eater

12.Cataleptic Murderers (The Ripper's Daughter)

13.Sunrise over Fields of Dust

14.Extirpating Life


Death Metal/Grindcore From Italy.
Interesante Banda, Este Es Su Primer Album...

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