viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

The Decapitated Midgets - Gurgling Olympics - 2009

01- Pyogenic Bacterial Infection
02- Hangover Wake Up in Vomit
03- Spit Blood on Somebody's Breakfast
04- Cannibal's Liver Casserole
05- Churn Melted Brains
06- Gurgling Olympics
07- Cystic Fibrosis
08- Decomposed Human Remains Found in a Junkyard
09- Snork Maiden's Guts on a Wall of an Art Museum
10- Malignant Manifeasto
11- Bloody Guts Splattered to Somebody's Face Very Violently at a Railway Station
12- Drowning in Piss
13- Sliced Guts Served on a Plate in a Fancy Restaurant
14- Smashing Testicals
15- Oititis Media
16- Nose Ripping Rhinitis
17- Defecate to Shrimp Soup
18- Exploded and Splattered
19- Quick and Painless
20- Boiling Brains
21- Cannibal McMeal
22- Choked in Vomit
23- The Lingering Death
24- Defecation...


Brutal Death Grind Desde Finlandia,
Muy Buena Banda Recomendada.

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