martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Mutilated Ear-Drum - Emetological Rotten Requiems - 2007

01. Intro - Enter The Sarcophagus
02. Fascination Of Ear-Drum Mutilation
03. Cyber Trauma
04. Ulcus Rodent Necrosis
05. Sawed... From The Beyond
06. Festering Carcass Vaccinated With...
07. An Operation Without Protection Leads To Mistakes And Infection
08. Dismembered Without Argument
09. Capitis Humanus Pediculous
10. Ear Holocaust (A Method To Mutilate Your Ear-Drum)
11. Total Splattered Gore Grind - A Splattered Rhapsody


GoreGrind Vomitivo Desde athenas Grecia!!! Arrrgghh.

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