viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

Gorepot - Happy Hour - 2009

2.This Bang Is Hella Awesome
3.Your Cock Is Stuck Inside A Bong
5.Blood Organ Candy
6.Hit And Run For Fun
7.I Shat My Pants
8.I Lost My Cherry
9.Oh Lord Kum
10.Batman Is A Little Bitch
11.Jumping In Blood
12.Kicked In The Penis
13.I Found Shit In Your Ass
14.Rolling A Joint With Your Foreskin
15.You Suck And Then You DIE
17.I Will Kill You With My Cock
19.My First Time Really Hurts
20.The Breeee Stud
21.Midgets Rule


Brutal DeathMetal/Grindcore,
Made In Taiwan.

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