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Decaying From - Chronicles Of Decimation - 2006

1.Putridity In Disarray: With Ruin Comes Rotting03:16
2.Feeding Organism: Corporal Beings Engulfed02:50
3.Necrotic Consumption: Disgorging The Remnants03:20
4.Devouring The Infestations: Emasculating Self-Immunity03:38
5.Exhumed Monolith: Mounds Of Human Decomposition02:59
6.Vivisection Of Gods: Image Of Man Disemboweled03:30
7.Immolated Desecrations: The Repugnant Seed03:45
8.Re-Decapitation: Cycle Of Extermination01:53
9.Purulent Secretions: Pus Spewing From Syphilitic Spores01:43
10.Worming Existence: A Masticating Monstrosity04:36
Total playing time31:30


Aaaarrrggghhh desde Australia LLega esta Banda,
Realiza Un Retorcido Technical Brutal Death/Grind.
Para Que Tengan Ojo Ahi Esta Este Maldito Line Up:
Tom Pryer - Guitar/Vocals ( Corpse Carving, Cranial Devourment)
Linton Tuleja - Drums ( Corpse Carving, Zero Degrees Freedom, Ashlan, When Day Descends)

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